Welcome to The Paper Parade!

If you're looking for uniquely designed handmade greeting cards that are designed with an artistic flair, then you are at the right site! Our handmade cards range from simple designs to utilizing multiple techniques and mixed media.  These unique cards are made with techniques such as ink blending, water colors, metallic sprays, stains, embossing (dry and wet heat), and foiling. Our unique, one-of-a kind cards combine paper, artwork, and the business of connecting people through the ups and downs in life! 

Our greeting cards are designed in-house by founder and creative director - Tobi Peters. As a young child, I have always enjoyed the art of color, pattern, textures, and creativity. These days I enjoy combining art and helping people find meaningful connections by making it convenient and fun to give or receive these unique handmade greeting cards.  It's that special feeling that someone went out of their way to give something unique and meaningful just for that person. 

We have you covered for keeping connected with people. Whether it be celebrating a new baby, birthdays, the holidays, or sending sincere sympathy wishes, we have what you need to help stay connected with people. 

It is my greatest pleasure to help you enjoy unique, handmade sentiments and be a star eco-friendly, thoughtful Gifter!